ACG delivers sales-focused marketing!

After many years working in the marketing field for government agencies, private business, technology companies and manufacturers, I decided to offer my 20 years of corporate marketing experience to a wide audience of people who need what I know... Like you, they're entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do and are serious about growing their business.I work from a mobile office. Sometimes I work alone, and sometimes I build teams to deliver affordable big agency experience without excessive fees for unnecessary corporate overhead.

Think of ACG when you need help with: advertising, blogging, branding, case study development, corporate communications, digital newsletters, eBooks, eCommerce, email marketing, infographics, market research, media buying, mobile applications, news release writing, organic search engine optimization, podcasts, print newsletters, public relations, social content, social media, trade show management, traditional media, video email marketing, video production, webinars, website development, white papers or any other marketing tactic to grow your business!

It's become quite clear to me that all the brains and connections in the world won't matter unless a company has the sales-focused determination it takes to get things done. So why am I suddenly talking about sales when I'm a marketing guru you might ask? Over the years I've watched businesses fall behind their competition because their sales and marketing teams were out of alignment. Marketing is everything that a business must do to identify and create what a market needs, and then reach and persuade prospects. The sales process consists of turning your marketing into real wealth. Strategically combining both efforts is the only way to achieve successful business growth while securing your position in the marketplace. So what does that mean to you? I know how to deliver a measurable marketing strategy, generate qualified leads, and accelerate the sales process. But more importantly, ACG is ready and available to help you!

Sincerely, Nadra Angerman

E-mail: info@angerman.com