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September 2011
A Season of Change
What's Next with Nadra

Nadra Angerman
Nadra Angerman
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It's an exciting time for my company, with new inspired team members, diverse skills, and a growing repertoire of SEM and traditional MarCom services. I'm fortunate to have the support of dedicated members as we turn our attentions to your continued success. 


I wonder sometimes how I got so lucky to become involved with the 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping and Additive Manufacturing industries. Being a social networking enthusiast with a passion for business development, manufacturing technologies and a thriving global economy, working for you isn't work, it's a pleasure.  


Thank you for following, Nadra  

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Mobile Apps for Expos

app image test Hindsight is 20/20 as the saying goes and marketing professionals either spend their time trying to catch up to changing tech landscapes, or stay in action ahead of the trends.

Smartphones. These little mobile devices are what an increasing population are turning to in lieu of PCs and laptops for web access, entertainment and information. Marketing and PR for Conferences and Expos - staying right there in the palm of the hands of attendees - is the ACG commitment to our clients...   


 ...Read More...  

Google +

G+ image 150 x 150 Have you noticed "+1" buttons showing up on Google searches lately? This is one feature of Google's response to the creeping dominance of Facebook and simply means that you "like" or "endorse" the link when clicked. A public stamp of approval.


Google has spent 3 months in a limited Field Trial of their social media product, the Google+ project, which has not been available to the larger public. Yes though, the ACG team received invites and we have been testing this comprehensive and powerful social media tool along with other high tech and 3.0 marketing experts...


 ...Read More... 

About Us  


Angerman Communications Group Angerman Communications Group (ACG) is dedicated to promoting businesses in the 3D Printing (3DP), Rapid Prototyping (RP) and Additive Manufacturing (AM) industries. In fact, we are the only marketing company dedicated exclusively to 3DP, RP and AM.  


Our intent is to support you and your existing marketing and sales team by taking on specific tasks that free their focus for in-house projects, quota and goals. We aim to capitalize on 3.0 and online efforts to save you dollars.  


For most companies this means putting digital marketing and social media first, and print and broadcast second. With ACG, the digital side will drive traditional marketing at significantly less cost, with equal or better returns and superior metrics. Think webinars instead of trade shows, think video email instead of direct mail, think online brochures with much smaller, less expensive catalogs. The game has changed and ACG is your catalyst for success.


For more information about the ACG team and our services such as website development, mobile apps, HTML email marketing, PR, social media, YouTube videos - creative and advertising - contact: 


Angerman Communications Group

P.O. Box 70219

Seattle, Washington 98217

(206) 334-2644


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Be There! or be square
RAPID Conference and Exposition
It's North America's Definitive Additive Manufacturing Event, co-located with the 3D IMAGING Event. It's happening May 22-25, 2012 in Atlanta. We'll be there, will you?

Stay informed, request more info and follow @RAPID_Event on Twitter!
Street Smarts
Facebook is the second largest website driven by traffic. Google is number one.

The "Go Granny" Superbowl Twitter campaign garnered over 20 million impressions.

Linkedin's top 3 industries: High-Tech, Finance and Manufacturing.

Google+ was the fastest social network to reach 10 million users at 16 days (Twitter took 780 days and Facebook 852 days).

Social Media and SEM may look like fun on the outside, but those who work this zone seriously have tactics, strategies, and secrets that produce results. Let ACG navigate your path on the information super highway.
Nuts N Bolts
Do you question the effectiveness of Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and other sites for your business? Try these reported stats on for size:

81% joined the conversation and generated exposure for their biz

45% joined the conversation and reduced overall marketing expenses

56% joined the conversation and saw direct results in new biz relationships

48% joined the conversation and generated qualified leads

52% joined the conversation and increased their Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

ACG Social Media efforts are all about building relationships, longevity, business exposure, and bottom line profits for our valued clients.
In The Zone
Nadra is a networking enthusiast with a passion for economic development and promoting 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping and Additive Manufacturing businesses.

Read "Some Say 3D Printing, Some Say Additive Manufacturing" and other recent posts.

The ACG blog is a top ranking industry blog with links that drive traffic directly to our clients' websites, a perk we currently provide free of charge. The SEO of this online marketing tool can only be built over time and our September 30-day statistics speak for us...Read More... 

Free Bird 
We have an in-action, real time work ethic consistent with rapid online marketing, SEM and initiations. Countless are the small tweaks that escape an invoice, but there are some ACG Freebies that stand out:
  • Per invoice, we increase Twitter followers at no charge.
Every week we use an ACG specific system to increase client followers and increase client visibility in doing so. Within the initial three months, clients can expect to see a 75-100% increase in follows. Why Twitter? Of all the social media platforms, this micro-blogging arena is where the local and national journalists are active and engaged.
  • Per invoice, we systematically post approximately 30% more Social Media comments on behalf of client profiles than charged for.
  • Per invoice, we leverage our own SEO by posting and linking directly to client websites increasing their traffic and the visibility of their online presence free of charge.


For additional information about ACG services, contact Nadra.

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